Pancakes served from 1pm
(Vegan option available too!)

A 6 inch American style pancake topped with any of the following £4.95

Strawberry, banana, avocado & honey

Banana, Blueberries and maple syrup

Mars, banana & ice cream

Walnut, cinnamon, banana & clotted cream

Chocolate chip with Oreo Cookie & Ice cream

Strawberries, whipped cream & chocolate sauce

Ham, Cheese & tomato

Sausage, bacon & maple syrup

Berry compote and clotted cream

Spinach, mushroom & cheese

Or pick your own

Choose 3 from:
Mars, milky way, daim bar, oreo, mint aero, malteaser, snickers, peanut butter, nutella, berry compote, strawberry, banana, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, maple syrup, honey