Drinks Menu

Milkshakes £3.95

Thick and creamy traditional Ice cream milkshakes topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, Choose from one of our favourites or make your own!



Oreo and Mint

Peanut butter and Banana

Coffee and malteser

Mint and Chocolate

Coffee and ameretti

Cream tea

Banana and coffee

Mango and Coconut

Refreshers and yogurt

Make your own, choose 2 of the following:

Fruit: Banana, Strawberry, Coconut, Summer fruits, Pineapple, Mango, Blueberry

Chocolate: Daim bar, Milky way, Peanut M&M’s, Caramac, Choc honeycomb, Fudge, Mint Areo, Bounty, Malteser, Choc orange, nutella, mars, snickers

Sweeties: Toffee crumble, Refresher sweets, Skittles, marshmallow

Biscuits: Oreo cookie, ginger nuts, ameretti biscuits

Other stuff: Peanut butter, Coffee

Syrups: Coconut, caramel, hazelnut,, mint, banana, cinnamon, chai,, gingerbread, vanilla

extra ingredients £0.60e.a

Frappes £3.95

Mango Tango

Mango, coconut and fresh mint

Berries and Cream

Summer fruits blended with apple

Peach melba

Strawberries and peaches


Coffee, chocolate and ameretti Caramel

Coffee, caramel syrup and milk



Flat white £2.5o

Latte £2.5o

Cappuccino £2.5o

Americano £2.3o

Mocha £2.6o

Maccihato £2.3o

Doppio Espresso £2.1o

Vegan coconut milk Latte £2.8o

Chai Latte £2.6o

Syrups 4op

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolates

Straight up £2.5o

Chai spiced £29o

Mint £2.9o

Ultimate Hot Choc, topped with cream, marshmallows, chocolate and an Oreo £3

Smoothies £3.95

Fresh fruit smoothies made to order!

Pineapple paradise

Pineapple, coconut, apple and spinach

The blurple

raspberry or blueberry, avocado, banana, coconut & honey

The Sweet Pea

Sugar snap peas, strawberries, coconut, apple and banana

The Healthy Aussie

Lettuce, spinach, apple, banana, coconut & spinach

The Wild one

Summer berries, apple, yoghurt, and lime.

The Super Smoothie

Beetroot, berries, spinach and apple

The Green strawberry

basil, strawberry’sapple and mango

The CoCo

Coconut milk blended with, mango, strawberry & pineapple

Add Maca powder or Add Chia seeds 50p


Iced Coffees £3.5o

Vanilla ice coffee poured over espresso ice

Chocolate hazelnut latte

Chai Tea latte with Chai Tea ice cubes

Caramel latte

Raspberry ice coffee with espresso ice cubes


Iced teas £3.50

Suki loose leaf teas brewed to order, poured over ice and garnished with fruit

Red Berry

Apple loves mint

Peppermint and Orange


Steamers £2.5o








Mug of Yorkshire brew £1.50

Pot of tea £1.95

Pot of Cornish tea £2.25

Pot of loose leaf breakfast Tea £2.4o

Pot of Suki loose leaf Tea £2.4o

Earl Grey Blue Flower

Red Berry

Apple loves mint