Hand linked Cumberland sausages, Rosedown free range Eggs and only Heinz beans are used on our breakfasts! 

The Small Ohana £5.25

Bacon, sausage, egg, Beans, slow roast tomato and buttery thick cut toast

The Ohana £ 6.75

Bacon, sausage, egg, Sautéed mushrooms, Hash brown, Beans, Grilled tomato and thick cut toast

The Big Ohana £ 8.75

2 bacon, 2 sausages, 2 Hash browns, egg, black pudding, Sautéed mushrooms, Beans, Slow roast tomato and buttery thick cut toast

The Veggie £ 6.95 V or (V+)

Courgette fritter, spinach, egg, Hash brown, Slow roast tomato, Beans, sautéed mushrooms and thick cut toast,

The Vegan £7.50 (V+)

Scrambled tofu,  Slow roast Tomato, Avocado, Home made hummus and a pot of Heinz baked beans on an English muffin

Ohana’s specialities!

Eggs Benedict or Florentine £ 7.95

English Muffin, 2 poached eggs, with either Home cooked ham or Baby spinach (v) topped with Hollandaise sauce

Yellow Eggs £5.95

Scrambled turmeric eggs & Avocado served on toast with slow roast tomato

Breakfast Bap £ 5.95

Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Mushroom, Hash brown & melted cheese, served in a toasted Bap

Pancakes £ 7.50 (v)

A stack of our fluffy pancakes,  2 crispy bacon rashers smothered in maple syrup  or with, yoghurt, berry compote, honey and Granola

Something Lighter

Muesli £2.95(V or V+)

Porridge & honey £3.95 (V)

Vegan superfood porridge £.4.95 (v+)

Granola, greek yogurt & compote £5.95 (V)

Scrambled eggs and beans on toast £4.50 (V)

Bacon and mushroom on toast £4.50

Sausage and bacon buttie £4.50

Egg and bacon buttie £3.95

Bacon buttie £2.95

Toast £2.50 (V or (V+)

(2 buttered Slices with topping, extra slice £0.50)


Beans on toast £2.50

Kiddies breakfast £3.95

 Sausage, Free range Egg, Beans, and a slice of toast

Pancakes with Maple syrup £3.95